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has been involved in baton since 2001 when she first started twirling at the age of 11. Cassandra has twirled with both the Southside Baton Club and The Baton and Dance Company. Her most memorable moment was winning the title of Senior A Small Dance Twirl Team and Grand National Dance Twirl Team at the 2007 Canadian Championships with her team “JUMP” which performed a no-drop routine. Cassandra was also part of the International Cup Team “Music in Me” who won the Gold Medal at the 2008 International Cup in Limerick, Ireland. In 2015, after years of only coaching, Cassandra decided to twirl again one last time and participate in the International Cup Championships being hosted in Abbotsford BC. Cassandra placed 4th in Adult B 3-Baton, 3rd in Adult B Pair with Alyssa Crispin and 1st in both Adult B Solo and Artistic Twirl. 

Outside of baton Cassandra participated in gymnastics, track and field, figure skating and soccer while keeping busy with school. She recently graduated from the University of Calgary with a B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering and a minor in Manufacturing Engineering. She currently works as a project estimator and manager for an amazing underground construction company in Calgary. 

Cassandra believes it is important to lead by example and encourage athleticism, dedication and persistence in students of all ages. Cassandra teaches baton in order to share her love for the sport with other young athletes in the community. 


had been twirling for six years with the Baton and Dance Company coached by Loranne Meek. In only six short years Hayley had developed into a skilled twirler and has developed a very unique and breath taking sense of style. She has competed in two national championships. 

Hayley's bubbly personality and kindness makes her an excellent role model for kids of all ages, especially our younger students. She loves baton because, "It shocks people. When most people think about baton they think about marching around with a stick, but it is more than that, it's a work of art!" Hayley has been coaching with the Centripetal Force Baton and Dance Company since it was established in 2009. Her favorite part of coaching is watching how excited the girls get when they do something new for the first time and also how happy it makes her feel. Not surprisingly, Hayley is currently attending the University of Calgary to become a teacher.

MISS Caitlyn Tink (Dance Manager)- 

This is Caitlyn’s second year with Centripetal Force and she is very excited to bring her dance knowledge to the team. Caitlyn started dance at the young age of 3 and competed competitively for 10 years traveling across Alberta, BC, and states in the US including Disney. Dance has always been a part of her life whether it was at the studio, in school talent shows, or completing her ADAPT exams, she always finds a place to dance. Aside from her dance life Caitlyn is attending Mount Royal University to complete her Bachelor of Science degree before working towards her Education degree. She has always loved working with kids and shows that through her coaching in dance. 

MISS Nicole Lavoie (Acro Manager)- 

Nicole's previous success in gymnastics has led her to give back to the sport through coaching and working with children. Nichole's gymnastics career consisted of representing Calgary in the Alberta Winter Games in both 2010 and 2012, representing Team Alberta at the Western Canadian Gymnastics Championships in 2012 and winning two provincial gymnastics titles. Her thirteen year gymnastics career was unfortunately ended with a knee injury, after competing at both provincial level 5 and national levels. Nicole is a NCCP Artistic Gymnastics certified coach who has been coaching acro at the Centripetal Force Baton & Dance Co. She has also bee certified through the Respect in sport program. Her passion for gymnastics has carried over to acro as it is a sport that goes beyond physical skills. Acro teaches important life skills and tests both physical and mental ability. She believes acro encourages kids to become active and enjoy physical activity. Nicole takes a cautious approach to ensure safety before new skills are approached.

MISS Caitlyn Jones

is 24 years old and enjoys travelling and spending time with her friends and family. Caitlyn’s interest in baton twirling began when her older cousins, who were also baton twirlers, began to teach her how to twirl. Caitlyn officially began baton twirling when she was 10 years old and continued doing so for 10 years. Caitlyn’s family was very involved in baton twirling so she joined her older cousin’s baton club, Southside Baton. While in Southside, Caitlyn learned lots of tricks and the basics of baton. Caitlyn later joined the Baton and Dance Company where she excelled into an A level athlete. Caitlyn attended the 2009 International Cup in Limerick,

Ireland where her team, ‘Music In Me’, placed first in their division. Caitlyn has recently began coaching with Centripetal Force and is very excited for the upcoming season.

MISS Kelsey 

Kelsey started to twirl at the age of 10 with a club that consisted of her and her coach. At the age of 11 she won my first provincials championship.

From there she moved to The Baton and Dance Company and continued to twirl in teams, pairs, duets, solo, two baton, medley, solo dance twirl. Winning provincials, Nationals and eventually at the International Cup Championship in Ireland with Miss Cassandra she was 16 years old.
Kelsey took a year off from baton to do a year of dance in Airdrie at SBCD. There she was able to take her Adapt Jazz and ballet dance certification. She competed in Ballet, Hip hop, Jazz, and a Lyrical solo and assisted in teaching acrobatics.

MISS Lise- began twirling at the age of 8 years old in an after school recreational program offered at her elementary. After two years of that, and finding her love and somewhat natural potential she decided to look more seriously into the sport. Lise joined Reunited Baton Club under the coach of Kim Johnson, now known as Revolutions Baton and Dance. Lise also had the privilege of being taught by Chelsea Hofmeister alongside Kim Johnson for her few final years as an athlete.

Lise competed in many Provincial, National and International competitions throughout her time as an athlete. One of her greatest accomplishments was earning 1st place at the 2009 Canadian Baton Twirling Championships in Sr. B Freestyle. Lise is honoured to have represented Canada three times at the WBTF International Cup Competition. 2008 Limerick, Ireland. 2009 Sydney, Australia and finally her final competition 2011 Jacksonville, USA. Her biggest accomplishment internationally was placing 7th out of close to 40 athletes in her division for Artistic Twirl in 2011.

Lise is currently a Level 2 CBTF certified coach e. She loves coaching and everything that it has taught her about herself. It's not just the aspect of teaching baton, it's about the opportunity she has to build relationships with her students. She feels that the positive lifelong lessons that come with this sport and the amazing influential coaches have had such a huge impact on the person and character she is today. The feeling to enrich confidence, positivity, trust and commitment into each one of her students is one the most remarkable feelings ever.






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